Ethical Brand: Expectation vs Reality

The recent rise in ethical consumerism has seen increasing numbers of corporate brands project a socially responsible and ethical image. But does having a corporate brand that is perceived to be ethical have any influence on outcome variables of interest for its product brands?

What about the relationship between perceived ethicality at a corporate level, and brand trust, brand affect and brand loyalty at a product level. There is a positive relationship between perceived ethicality of a brand and both brand trust and brand affect. Brand affect also positively influences brand trust.

Ethical what does it mean?

The Oxford Dictionary defines “ethical” as follows:

  •             Relating to moral principles of the branch of knowledge dealing with these.
  •             Morally good or correct.
  •             Avoiding activities or organizations that do harm to people of the environment.

What is an Ethical Brand?

A brand that represents a company, organization or person whose products, services and activities are:

  1. Morally correct
  2. Respect people and the environment
  3. Contribute to society and public good in a responsible, positive, and sustainable way

How are we an ethical brand?

When we founded our brand the first goal was to change the vision of craftmanship introducing the world to their favorite leather work and weaving technics done by the Berber women in the Atlas Mountain of Morocco while also creating and igniting sustainable jobs within the Kingdom.

“We believe cultures reconnect people to their humanity”

Our Moral principles :

Work locally: Our brand is proud to be Moroccan because it’s a heritage and we want to make it beautiful

Partner with people: we are not making rules for craftsmen, we adapt and find a win-win way to work together.

Sell at the right price: we try to be in total transparency with our customer. When we make promotion it impact on our margins, not product cost because we believe in the value of our products. This is a way for us to offer you our product to an exclusive price because you are unique

Our engagement for people and the environment :

  •             Reducing the environmental impact of the company with a « zero waists » Production procedures: We re-use old carpet ( kilim) and leather
  •             Support local craftsmen and women by buying from them at a faire price to elevate their standard of life.
  •             Work with local people and improve their work by supporting them in their business development: we invest in their workshop helping them buying new tools, sewing machine and creating new jobs.
  •             We are working on an equity plan taking our engagement to the selling process
  •             Promoting minimalism by creating limited edition and select designs from our customer chose
  •             Free return to your MKLM handbags to fix it or repair it

    Our contribution to society and public good in a responsible and sustainable way :

    We help consumers in their ethical consumption decisions by offering one-of-a-kind products by using upcycling materials while creating sustainable impact.

    •             Screen suppliers: We Follow fairtrade policies to support local producers. Our partner is following ethical production procedures.
    •             Reduce distances: We are based in 3 continent: Europe, America, and Africa in order to minimize transport and the number of intermediaries for a lower impact on the environment.
    •             Reduce waste: Our materials are upcycled