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MYKILIM new logo: in aspiring for simplicity it has ended up with basic

Amazing to think, but it’s 3 years since MYKILIMSHOP was born. The team decided to repositioned and reinvigorated the brand and visual identity in order to sign their DNA in a more powerfull voice.

They achieved what they did - turning MYKILIMSHOP into the Designer industry’s digital familly, overseeing a reinvigoration of the company's style and masterminding the designer positionning and behaviour. They didn’t touch the identity – but sublimate the DNA with visual restructuration.


It’s a bold move to change the logo and name. The new logo dropped the ‘’shop’ from the Brand name. The change is considerably bigger because it is call to a new way of thinking : the experience and personalization are what the brand community decided

MYKILIMSHOP meant that you very own unique handbag because of the Kilim (one of a kind symbols and colors)

MYKILIM is just a strong reaffirmation of the brand identity. MYKILIM is also MKLM visually decorated by two accent between the «K » and the « L » from arabic phonetic that are prononciated « i » - it is called the « kasra » (الكَسْرَة) : It corresponds to an accent under a letter that is pronuncitaed « i ».

What’s clear is that this new identity is following the trend of unadorned, undecorated, unembellished style and basic focused respecting their DNA and values.