Mykilimshop x Harrods: Hello London!

On the 14th of February, the French – Moroccan Brand whose combining contemporary design and Moroccan handcraft Mykilimshop just settled in the prestigious department store Harrod’s in London on the Brompton Road.

 Mykilimshop featured at Harrods London

The department store will honor the designer of the world and also a limited edition which comes in three models of a bag for women:

  • The iconic Alouane Satchel
  • The Tote bag in suede and kilim
  • The Clutches of leather and kilim

Mykilimshop handbag 

“Our ambition for Mykilimshop in Europe is extremely strong. We wanted to expand our presence in all European capitals, such as a beautiful address in downtown and also Concept stores. London is one of the best places to be in terms of Fashion and luxury presence “said Mehdi, Mustapha, and Alice – The Founders of Mykilimshop.


Mykilimshop has established in 2017 itself in 10 countries, today we hope to perpetuate this development in Africa and USA. The brand has also 15 partners in Europe and Africa.