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Two contrasting materials come together for a perfectly balanced structure and aesthetic.

Two contrasting materials come together for a perfectly balanced structure and aesthetic. The ALOUANE handbag new editon feature straightforward shapes to celebrate the simple technical construction made of genuine leather and suede. Here the beauty of the collection lies in the contemporary contrast of Kilims, vivid colors, mixed materials. With a structurally balanced design to ensure everyday comfort, the ALOUANE handbag embodies modern refinement. Here we examine the details and secret of the model.


EFFORTLESS FINESSE – leather construction with kilim and suede

This is precision craftsmanship on the edge. The ALOUANE bag  represent the next generation of mixed material handbags of the collection. The biggest challenge in this product is joining three different materials perfectly. The leather used for the bags has gone through a longer craftmanship process to reduce the shrinking that naturally occurs during its lifetime.

After the final quality inspection, a last look up is processed to prevent leather folds , this is removed only just before inserting the kilim.

 In order to check the well matche during production MYKILIMSHOP designed special mockup for the leather and the kilim. While this design phase may be complex, the look is decidedly effortless. Rich colour compositions such as blue Majorelle, yellow and orange are expressions of contemporary refinement.

THE SLOW REVEAL – leather construction with suede detailing

Thoughtful details have emerged as one of the main themes of the Bi-material Editon. MYKILIMSHOP’s passion for materials and aesthetic ancestral solutions is clearly expressed in models. Classy and original each model is one of a kind.