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Find the right Kilim is one of the most important step during soucing. Kilims are most of the time hide in very far cities and unknown markets emerging from nowhere.
,Our work is to unearth berber vintage Kilim that will embodies each bags. 
We have partners that provide us rare Kilims and diferent kind of patterns.
After selecting the right Kilim we have to re-work vintage pieces washing or repair some part of the fabrics but be carefull to keep authentic spirit of each.

That is why some of our creation contain diferent colors and texture because some of Kilims are between 50 and 100 years old. 


Diferent Kilim for diferent region

We highlight distinct features of Azilals, Beni Mguilds, Boucherouite rag rugs, Beni Ourains, kilims and Tuareg mats.

Diferent regions: 


The manufacture of leather is an artisanal that is practiced for several centuries and is famous in Morocco. The tannery spread in the Kingdom under the Almohad dynasty in the 12th century. Since that time the materials and techniques used are ancestral.

Ancestral know-how   In Chouara, the materials worked are the same as in the 20th century. "The entire process lasts about thirty days," says Abdelhalim Fizazi, a member of the chamber of crafts of Fez. In Fez, go by the street of Méchatine to find the souk of tanners, south of the medina. Let yourself be guided by the smell! To preserve this age-old know-how, the Medina of Fez, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Assembling Kilim + Leather

Working with kilim rugs that are not meant to create bags out of is a real adventure. The Kilim we find create our collections, not the other way around. They come in thousands of different weave structures too, so cutting them can cause problems from time to time for our craftmen. Some of the kilims are extremely damaged which makes it imposible to replicate exacly same Bags and as we don't threw anything we have to imagine how to transform damage part as a bag or accessories.
Craftmens had to adapt to Kilims and work with it in order to mix this wild material with Leather.  


If you have a few minute, just close your eyes and Listen this video in order to have a sensorial experience about Moroccan Souk spirit , Can You Feel it?